Here we go…

Welcome to my blog for the Digital Information Technologies and Architectures module at #citylis. I’ve contributed to a couple of blogs for work before but never created my own, so I’m looking forward not only to discussing some of the topics and issues that come up during the course through my posts, but also being able to tinker around with the structure and layout of the blog.

I hope that by using an expanding knowledge of the principles of information architecture  (and pinching good ideas from my coursemates) I will be able to improve my blog over time, and really think about how the skills used can be related to librarianship as a discipline. I’m a strong believer in the benefits of learning through trial and error, so I’m not expecting to get everything right straight away, and have to admit I was relieved to hear that this part of the course will not be marked!

I have started with a fairly standard set-up, including a not particularly snappy title and tagline displayed prominently at the top of the page. I chose this title, not just because I couldn’t think of anything else, but also because it should allow for easy searchability and identification. My (currently sparse) Archive is placed at the top of my sidebar to allow future readers to easily find older posts. As the blog develops, this way of finding posts chronologically will be accompanied by a range of  categories and tags allowing readers to also search thematically. Of course as an aspiring professional librarian I will try to think carefully about the nature of these categories and tags, guided by who else but Bawden and Robinson (2012):

“The argument about whether controlled or uncontrolled vocabularies are ‘best’ has rumbled on for many years, quite pointlessly. The obvious answer is that a combination of both is desirable: controlled vocabulary for consistency, and to use term relations; uncontrolled for precision, and for new terms.”

Beneath the archive I have a Twitter feed, which I am learning is a big part of the #citylis experience, a section for links, a Meta menu, and my Creative Commons License. For the moment I have chosen ‘The Big Brother Theme’ for my blog, which is a slightly ominous, and I presume deliberately ironic name for something marketed as ‘the perfect theme for large organizations and government’. As well as the Orwellian connotations I liked this theme’s simplicity and apparent ease of use in terms of the layout of widgets on the sidebar, so it seemed like a good starting point. This may change as my blog grows, and I may require additional features and more flexibility with the layout of the pages, but as I said before I am not averse to a bit of trial and error.

As well as my home page, which includes new posts as they are published and the sidebar features discussed, I have two permanent pages; one the standard ‘About Me’,  and the other to list and link to my coursemate’s blogs (which are all looking good so far!)

I wanted to include an image in my first post so here is a photo I took of my former work place Senate House, which is (perhaps tenuously) linked to my chosen blog theme as it was Orwell’s inspiration for the Ministry of Truth in 1984.



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