A change of “Theme”

Big Brother is no longer watching you, at least not from this blog. There were a few limitations with my previous theme that had already started to annoy me, and Ernesto’s handy guide helped to put the nail in the coffin, which is why I have switched to ‘The Oxygen Theme’.

My blog now displays author bylines (on the post page), which it was unable to do before. This is arguably not so crucial where there is clearly only one contributor to a blog, but very important if guest bloggers may be featured, ensuring that separate authors get the credit they deserve.

Another thing I didn’t like about my previous setup was the fact that hyperlinked text was not clearly distiguishable from normal text, and could potentially be missed. The contrast between the text is much clearer now, hopefully making links like this one much easier to see for readers.

The new theme is also much more flexible in terms of where widgets can be added, so I now have two sidebars rather than one. I have added a search feature, which I thought was definitely appropriate after our latest DITA lecture on ‘Information Retrieval’.

I probably should have picked up on some of the shortcomings with the theme and my setup when I first created my blog, but I’m certainly learning from my mistakes. There may still be things I need to change or play around with, so any feedback is very welcome…


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